Financial Adviser

Pinner Mortgage is part of Aitana Financial Services & Openwork Partnerships.

 We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your circumstances to offer quality advice tailored to your business' & family's needs. 



Whether you’re buying your first home, buying to let or re-mortgaging, it’s a big commitment so getting the right advice is essential.

In the event of an accident or illness, insurance could help you and your family avoid a financial disaster.


How many lenders do you work with and what do you charge?

We work closely with about 50 carefully selected lenders. We generally charge nothing at all for straightforward applications and up to £750 for the most complex client profiles. You will always be notified before any work that involves a fee is carried out. No surprises! We can afford to do this because the lenders pay us commission for preparing and submitting the application on completion if approved. Openwork ensures we chose the cheapest suitable lender when we submit our compliance application to them so you can rest assured that we are always acting in your best interest & the amount of commission paid does not influence our decisions.

Is getting a Mortgage & buying a house the best financial decision for me?

I am happy to run through some of the pros & cons of being a homeowner and discuss the alternative ways to grow your wealth.

When should I start looking into a new Mortgage deal?

I aim to speak to clients 4 months before the current rate ends. If you would like a reminder please put the end date & your contact details in the contact form or text it to me.


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